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Course Outline

CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 exam is a gateway for admissions to Master of Laws (LLM) programs in the National Law Universities (NLUs). The CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 scores are used by other private law colleges across the country and Public Sector Undertakings for admissions and recruitment respectively. Unlike any other enterprise in the market, we are the only ones who are singularly and individually focussing on CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 entrance examination. Instead of following the traditional method of teaching and learning, we will be following a unique pedagogy of teaching which will be based on training the students on the exact demands of the CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 examination. With the change in the CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 syllabus, it’s the need of the hour to adopt new practices and methodologies which are more suitable to the contemporary demand of the CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 examination. This course of ours is a combination of intensive classroom training, full-length mock tests for advanced CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 coaching programs, and doubt clearing for advanced CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 coaching programs and counselling sessions, all aimed at providing an effective preparation to students standing at this crucial juncture for advanced CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 coaching programs. 

Course Overview

The pattern of CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 has evolved over the years and after the CLAT PG 2021 and CLAT PG 2020 examinations, it is clear that to crack this CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 exam, a student has to adopt an analytical approach towards cracking the CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 exam. Our CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 crash course is designed to prepare the student to study all the major subjects which are important CLAT PG (LLM) 2022, AILET PG (LLM) 2022, DU PG(LLM) 2022 & BHU PG(LLM) 2022 entrance examinations. This CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 crash course is based on the rationale of preparing for the examination through case laws. The CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 crash course will be based on the mandatory subjects of the undergraduate program and include Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, Administrative Law, Law of Contract, Torts, Family Law, Criminal Law, Property Law, Company Law, Public International Law, Tax Law, Environmental Law, and Labour & Industrial Law.

What are we offering in our course?

  • 400+ hrs Live/Recorded Online Lecture
  • Socratic Style of teaching
  • Weekly guest lectures on various topics
  • 13 subjects with modules
  • 100+ Detailed Case laws discussion
  • A simplified manner for understanding
  • 25+ Full length mocks on the new pattern of CLAT PG (LLM) 2022
  • Answer Writing session for a subjective answer
  • One to One Mentoring Sessions

Course Syllabus

Why this course?

Why should we enroll ourselves in this LEX TEMPLUM CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 Crash Course? Is coaching sine qua non for success in CLAT PG (LLM) 2022?

No, we certainly do not espouse and buttress the fact that coaching is a sine qua non for success in CLAT PG (LLM) 2022. However, that being said, after the recent changes made in the pattern and syllabus of CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 entrance examinations, it is practically becoming impossible for an individual aspirant to read, understand, dissect and analyse dozens and scores of lengthy and gigantum judgments on his/her own. In such a scenario, our team of dedicated experts will streamline the entire conspectus of cases at hand with chiselled case discussions, meticulous analysis and perfect planning. We here at Lex Templum have done it in the past and are extremely confident of doing it this year too.

Considering the changes made in the CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 syllabus, can an aspirant prepare for the examination in a period of 5 months (basically from now on)?

Certainly! Cracking CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 is still very much possible provided one is able to utilise the time judiciously by calibrating a well structure strategy to cover all the important cases and concepts. Many in the last year have done so with us (cracked CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 with 3 to 4 months of intense preparation) and certainly will do in this year too.

How is Team Lex Templum different from the other entities in the market?

Our faculties in Lex Templum have themselves qualified CLAT PG(LLM) examinations in the last years and so. Many of them possess years of training CLAT PG(LLM) aspirants. Relatively, we have a young team which basically understands the demands of the CLAT PG(LLM) examination. We have tried to maintain a fine balance of youth and experience to give the best recipe of success to all the aspirants who join us.

What is the uniqueness of this course? Can you elucidate it’s intricacies in detail?

Ours is the only course in entire India which has been designed meticulously with great craft, caution and care to specifically meet the demands of the CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 examination.