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What Will You Get:

  • 1 Modules covering 12+ Topics
  • 12+ Video Lectures
  • 1+ Text Lessons
  • 0+ Mock Tests
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JURISPRUDENCE : A journey from Beginner to Advance

 1 Modules  Mentoring  Mock Test
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What Will You Get:

  • 1 Modules covering 12+ Topics
  • 12+ Video Lectures
  • 1+ Text Lessons
  • 0 Mock Tests

Course Outline

Jurisprudence is a subject which is very important for all the legal competitive exam. Our course is designed to prepare a student for all important exams Including CLAT LLM/PG, AILET Entrance, DU LLM, UGC NET, and Judicial Services examination. Our course is divided into three levels: -

1) Beginner

2) Intermediate

3) Advanced

The motive of course is to provide complete knowledge about Jurisprudence to the student at a single platform in compiled form.

Course Overview

What are we offering: -

  • Complete recorded lectures of all the topics of jurisprudence decoded in a simplified manner for understanding.
  • An important session covering techniques to remember definitions and concepts of jurisprudence
  • Special doubt clearing sessions(live).
  • A module covering important points to remember from every topic of jurisprudence.
  • 4 modules containing questions from all the topics including questions from past year papers of the important examination.
  • Individual sessions to track the progress of the student by mentors.

Course Syllabus

  1. Nature, Scope and Sources of Jurisprudence
  2. Bentham Theory
  3. Analytical School
  4. John Salmond Thoery
  5. Historical School
  6. Kelsen Theory
  7. John Rawl : Theory of Justice
  8. Theory of Legal Rights
  9. Hohfeld Scheme
  10. Legal Person
  11. Austin Definition
  12. Natural law theories of Jurisprudence and Contemporary Jurisprudence

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