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What Will You Get:

  • 12 Modules covering 12+ Mock Tests
  • 12+Mock Tests
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CLAT PG(LLM) Mock Test

CLAT LLM/PG 2021 Mock Test Series

 12 Modules  Mentoring  Mock Tests
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What Will You Get:

  • 12 Modules covering + Topics
  • 12 + Mock Tests

Course Outline

CLAT 2020 is probably going to be itched in history for all the wrong reasons. The unprecedented event of NLS, Bangalore deciding to conduct its own entrance examination in an already painstaking year has given nightmares to the already stressed out and overstretched students. Amidst all this, one should not forget the fact that CLAT 2021 already has been revolutionized by the change of the syllabus and therefore, it has heralded a new epoch in the history of the CLAT examination.  It is in this regard that our role comes into play. Our course structure has been designed keeping in mind the exact requirements of the CLAT LLM/PG examination considering the recent changes in the syllabus. The idea is to develop a holistic process of learning and understanding the rudimental and entangled concepts of law along with the main aim of cracking the CLAT LLM/PG examination.

Course Overview

Test Guidelines:-

1. All the questions are not compulsory.

2. The paper consists of 10 comprehensions with 10 questions each. For each correct answer,

+1 shall be awarded and -0.25 shall be deducted for each incorrect answer.

3.  Please click on skip question for skipping question and if you attempted it please click on next.

4. You can opt for more than one response in questions with checkboxes.

Course Syllabus

Why this course?