CLAT PG(LLM) Mock Test

CLAT PG(LLM) 2022 Mock Test Series

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Course Outline

Lex Templum CLAT PG(LLM) Mock Test Series is the largest open mock test conducted every year by Lex Templum. The mock is the next-closest thing to the real CLAT because of the number of test-takers across the nation sitting for the exam; and the simulation of the actual CLAT environment.

One of the most significant ways in which Lex Templum CLAT PG(LLM) Mock Test Series can help you improve your performance is through an in-depth analysis of the Mock test. Lex Templum CLAT PG(LLM) Mock Test Series offers several analysis tools that you can utilize to analyze your performance in the Mock Tests. This analysis would allow you to improve your performance such that your probability of success in the CLAT Exam would improve drastically.

Our course structure has been designed keeping in mind the exact requirements of the CLAT LLM/PG examination considering the recent changes in the syllabus. The idea is to develop a holistic process of learning and understanding the rudimental and entangled concepts of law along with the main aim of cracking the CLAT LLM/PG examination. 

Course Overview

Test Guidelines:-

1. All the questions are not compulsory.

2. The paper consists of 10 comprehensions with 10 questions each. For each correct answer,

+1 shall be awarded and -0.25 shall be deducted for each incorrect answer.

3.  Please click on skip question for skipping question and if you attempted it please click on next.

4. You can opt for more than one response in questions with checkboxes.

Course Syllabus

Why this course?

1. Test yourself in the mock which will be in Online mode and will have the same expected pattern and similar interface to CLAT.

2.  Gain an understanding of the areas that you need to focus on to crack CLAT PG(LLM) 2022 with flying colors.

3. Experience a detailed breakdown analysis of the mock. Know the topics that you are performing well in by analyzing the correct and incorrect attempts in each topic, for a mock