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Lex Templum Clat PG (LLM) Courses via Online Coaching in India

A team of passionate people comprising of Ex- Judges, Ex-lawyers, managed-by-trained economists, and intelligent hard work believers have come together to build Lex Templum Clat PG (LLM) Courses in the pursuit of democratizing legal learning.

Lex Templum Clat PG (LLM) Courses, India's leading online coaching for Clat PG (LLM) Courses is impact-oriented (at scale) and undertakes the mission with the support of several senior lawyers and professionals who understand the crying need to equip law students and legal professionals across the country.



2020 has been an extraordinary year for the entire mankind. We haven’t even completed 8 months of 2020 and here are we, with more than a million losses of our loved and dear ones. We have been rampaged and destroyed by one calamity after the other. Mother nature has not been kind at all and it through a series of events and disasters that she has been avenging the mankind for decades and centuries of infliction of damages and wounds. Human life has been affected like never before and our world has come to a stand-still. It is in these troubling times that CLAT PG 2020 will mark the beginning of a new era. The archaic and traditional approaches of memory-based questions have been completely abandoned. The method to be adopted from this year and onwards is to be based on checking and testing the analysis, comprehension, jurisprudential and understanding skills of the candidates. With this gigantic shift in the pattern of the examination, it is no surprise that a majority of the students are facing the heat and are unable to cope up with the amendments and accretions in the pattern of the examination. It is in the light of these aforementioned changes that we have decided to conduct a series of CLAT LLM PG MOCKS for CLAT PG 2020. Our mocks have been scrupulously designed and carefully calibrated by our expert team on the pattern and demand of the CLAT PG 2020 examination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer of all questions Frequently Asked

  • If you are facing such issue then it might be affected due to bank holidays or official leave. generally you can access it after registration but if you are getting same issue again and again then please contact us.

  • You can contact us through any of given medium and do mail us.

  • You are facing such issue due to late payment processing and multiple gateway clicks on bank holidays. You can able access it within 12hrs of process. If you are not getting then please contact administrator.

  • Yes. On account of COVID-19, the consortium has clarified that CLAT cannot be conducted in offline mode. So CLAT will now be conducted in online computer-based mode.

  • Most likely, you will get an exam centre at your place because the consortium is going to conduct CLAT 2020 at around 203 locations across the country. In a recent interaction, the conducting body has also clarified that the exam centres may also be increased if required and more cities can be added in the list. So, you may not need to travel a lot to appear in the exam.

  • Candidates can take mock tests provided by the consortium and candidates can also solve CLAT sample papers as they will help in practising for the online CLAT. The sample papers and well as mock tests will prove quite helpful because they provide a look and feel of the format of the actual Common Law Admission Test.