SAU PG(LLM) 2021 Details

SAU PG(LLM) 2021 Details

By Lex Templum on 16 June

Master of Laws (LLM)


The Faculty of Legal Studies has moved away from the traditional confines of the discipline and forge a regional response to the expansive vista of international law. Students with diverse backgrounds from the South Asian region provide an added advantage and an international experience to those who wish to explore legal scholarship beyond borders.


The Master of Laws (LLM) programme which is of two years (four semester) duration is geared towards research and focuses on South Asian legal systems and their response to emerging issues in international law. Combining mainstay areas in international law and the emerging streams in this knowledge domain, it offers courses in Legal Theory and Jurisprudence, General Principles of International Law, International Trade Law, International Investment Law, Law on Transnational Contracts and Arbitration, International Human Rights Law and Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Law, Law of International Organizations, International Human Rights Law, Law of the Sea, Private International Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Settlement of Disputes, International Maritime Law, and International Environmental Law, among others. Some innovative courses such as Comparative Constitutional Law of South Asian countries and Legal Interpretation are also offered.


The Research Programme includes pedagogy related to contemporary concerns in international law with a commitment to capacity building within the South Asian region by exploring a South Asian perspective on emerging issues in international law – human rights issues, concerns within economic law and transnational commerce, to name a few.


Eligibility for Admission

12 years of schooling + a 5 year integrated BA/BBA/BSc/LLB degree or 12 years of schooling + a 2 or 3 year Bachelor’s degree + a 3 year LLB degree or 12 years of schooling + a 4 year LLB degree from an institution recognized by the government of any of the SAARC countries, with a minimum of 50% marks in the aggregate or an equivalent grade.


Format of the Entrance Test

The duration of the Entrance Test will be 2 hours and the question paper will consist of 100 multiple choice questions in two parts.


Part A will have 20 multiple choice questions of one mark each on general knowledge, political science, geography, general science and civics of the 10+2 level.


Part B will have 80 multiple choice questions of the LLB level carrying one mark each and will generally include the following areas:

Legal Methods of Law; Jurisprudence: Analytical School of Law; Pure Theory of Law; Sociological Jurisprudence; Legal Personality and Legal Rights; Ownership; Possession and Rule of Law.

Public International Law: Sources of International Law, Relation of International Law and Municipal Law, Principles of International Law; the Law of International Organizations;

International Trade Law; International Humanitarian Law; Intellectual Property Law; International Environment Law; International Human Rights Law.


Negative Marks for Wrong Answers

If the answer given to any of the Multiple Choice Questions is wrong, ¼ of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted.


Country-wise merit lists of candidates successful in the entrance test will be drawn.


Sample Questions for Entrance Test 2021

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