CLAT PG(LLM) Mock Test

CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 15th All India Mock Test

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Course Outline

CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 exam is a gateway for admissions to Master of Laws (LLM) programs in the National Law Universities (NLUs). The CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 scores are used by other private law colleges across the country and Public Sector Undertakings for admissions and recruitment respectively. Unlike any other enterprise in the market, we are the only ones who are singularly and individually focussing on CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 entrance examination. Instead of following the traditional method of teaching and learning, we will be following a unique pedagogy of teaching which will be based on training the students on the exact demands of the CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 examination. With the change in the CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 syllabus, it’s the need of the hour to adopt new practices and methodologies which are more suitable to the contemporary demand of the CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 examination. This course of ours is a combination of intensive classroom training, full-length mock tests for advanced CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 coaching programs, and doubt clearing for advanced CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 coaching programs and counselling sessions, all aimed at providing an effective preparation to students standing at this crucial juncture for advanced CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 coaching programs. 

Lex Templum CLAT PG(LLM) Mock Test Series is the largest open mock test conducted every year by Lex Templum. The mock is the next-closest thing to the real CLAT because of the number of test-takers across the nation sitting for the exam; and the simulation of the actual CLAT environment.

One of the most significant ways in which Lex Templum CLAT PG(LLM) Mock Test Series can help you improve your performance is through an in-depth analysis of the Mock test. Lex Templum CLAT PG(LLM) Mock Test Series offers several analysis tools that you can utilize to analyze your performance in the Mock Tests. This analysis would allow you to improve your performance such that your probability of success in the CLAT Exam would improve drastically.

Our course structure has been designed keeping in mind the exact requirements of the CLAT LLM/PG examination considering the recent changes in the syllabus. The idea is to develop a holistic process of learning and understanding the rudimental and entangled concepts of law along with the main aim of cracking the CLAT LLM/PG examination. 

Course Overview

CLAT PG mock tests and CLAT PG online test series are easy to understand because they are prepared with clear concepts of the syllabus. We have included all the essential topics related to this exam in our CLAT PG mock tests. 

  • The CLAT PG mock tests and CLAT PG online test series are easily accessible. They are available 24*7
  • The CLAT PG mock tests contain all levels of questions ranging from easy level to a complex level, leaving space for the moderate ones also
  • Students will get a personalized analysis of their performance with All-India ranks by appearing for CLAT PG mock tests

How to take CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 Mock Tests

  • Go to the website -

  • If the mock tests are live, the mock test name will be displayed on the course syllabus section

  • Click on the mock test name

  • A mock test window will open

  • Take the mock test

  • After the mock test, you will get results just after the test
  • You can check answers and evaluations just after the test 

CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 Mock Test Schedule 

12th June 2022 - CLAT PG (LLM) 2022 14th All India Mock Test goes live at 09:00 AM and is available for 24hrs. Students can attempt any time in-between time for 2hr completely.  

13th June 2022 - Result with All India Ranks will be published at 08:00 PM through our social media handles.

Disclaimer - Please keep this in mind that your first attempt will be considered for the result and you can practice it, again and again, unlimited attempts but that will not be considered for the result.



Our CLAT PG mock tests give a detailed knowledge of the overall syllabus of CLAT PG. By practicing CLAT PG mock tests and CLAT PG online test series, the students gain confidence which helps them to reduce the stress and fear of examination. Our CLAT PG mock tests and CLAT PG online test series cover questions from all subjects such as constitutional law, legal aptitude, jurisprudence, and other subjects related to law. By opting for our CLAT PG mock tests, Students can make a detailed analysis in which subjects they should pay more attention to. Our CLAT PG mock tests are highly enriched with the detailed syllabus of CLAT PG.

Course Syllabus


Why this course?

1. Test yourself in the mock which will be in Online mode and will have the same expected pattern and similar interface to CLAT.

2.  Gain an understanding of the areas that you need to focus on to crack CLAT PG(LLM) 2022 with flying colors.

3. Experience a detailed breakdown analysis of the mock. Know the topics that you are performing well in by analyzing the correct and incorrect attempts in each topic, for a mock