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Course Outline

Lex Templum offers very affordable and comfortable lower Judiciary entrance exam coaching through online mode via a unique way of Judiciary Coaching in India, with the purpose of making available a customised teaching program that focuses on the need of students and addresses their strengths and weaknesses.

Best Judiciary Coaching in India. Prepare for Judiciary Exam with India's Top Educators. Comprehensive & structured course to match needs of each & every student. Unique Teaching Style. Judgement writing classes. Full syllabus coverage.

Entrance exams for civil judge exam/judiciary is one of the toughest exams out there and it requires specially designed course work for our Lex Judiciary Coaching ONLINE Classes and teaching strategy to qualify civil judge exam/judiciary exam. We, at Lex Templum, are determined to provide the best program as “Lex Judiciary Coaching ONLINE Classes” for the students according to their needs.

Lex Judiciary Coaching ONLINE Classes is a combination of online lectures, mock tests, and doubt-clearing sessions, with an aim to provide the best possible preparations to students for their attempts.

Course Overview

The syllabus for the civil judge exam varies from state to state, but one thing that’s constant in all these exams is an analytical approach from the students. This course prepares the students in all the major subjects which are common in every states entrance exam like CONSTITUTION OF INDIA, INDIAN PENAL CODE, CIVIL PROCEDURE CODE, CODE OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE, AS WELL AS ALL THE MINOR SUBJECTS LIKE SPECIFIC RELIEF ACT, NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT ACT, LIMITATION ACT etc. It also prepares you for local laws with reference to the state like land laws and rent control acts.

  • This program has especially been developed with state-specific needs to crack the entrance exam.
  • It is meant for all the students who want to study from the comfort of their homes, and want to access all the required material.
  • It is a combination of live interactive classes and pre-recorded sessions.




  • 1500+ hrs Live/Recorded Online Lecture
  • All Subjects with Modules

  • Special Doubt Clearing Classes

  • 200+ Subjects wise Case Law Discussion

  • Socratic Style of teaching

  • Weekly guest lectures on various topics

  • Mock Test with Reviews

  • One-to-One Mentoring

  • A simplified manner for understanding

Course Syllabus

  1. Introduction to Constitution
  2. Preamble with Landmark Cases
  3. Citizenship
  4. Fundamental Right: Article 12&13 With Important Cases
  5. Fundamental Right: Article 14 With Important Cases
  6. Fundamental Right: Article 15&16 With Important Cases and Amendments
  7. Fundamental Right: Article 17&18
  8. Fundamental Right: Article 19 With Landmark Cases
  9. Fundamental Right: Article 20 With Maxims of Natural Law
  10. Fundamental Right: Article 21 With Landmark Cases
  11. Fundamental Right: Article 22 With Practice Approach in Croc.
  12. Fundamental Right: Article 23-28 With Cases
  13. Fundamental Right: Article 29&30 And Its Empact On Cultural Rights.
  14. Constitutional Remedies and Fundamental Rights: Article 32&226
  15. Special Lecture on Amendments in Fundamental Right and Emergency Provisions
  16. Directive Principle of State Policy and Fundamental Duties with Amendments and Cases
  17. Relationship Between Fundamental Right and Dips
  18. The Union: With President Special Powers
  19. Union Judiciary with Cases and Amendments Related to Appointment of Judges
  20. The State with Governors? Special Powers
  21. The High Courts, Its Powers and Relationship with Supreme Court
  22. The Union Territory and Its Administration
  23. Relationship Between Union and State: Legislative and Administrative
  24. Finance Provisions with Recent Development and Amendments
  25. Trade Provisions
  26. Services Under Union and State
  27. Tribunal, Elections
  28. Important Provisions with Respect to Reservations and Languages.
  29. Emergency Provisions: Introduction, Requirements and Effects
  30. Amendments with Cases and Related Provisions
  31. Important Schedules
  32. Important Amendments, Landmark Cases and Development in Constitutional Law
  1. Introduction and Preliminary Provisions of Code of Criminal Procedure.
  2. Constitution of Criminal Courts and Powers of Courts
  3. Arrest of Persons: Section 41- 60a With Important Case Laws
  4. Summon and Warrant: Form and Process, Section 61-81
  5. Proclamation and Attachment, Section 82-90
  6. Compelling the Production of Things and Search Warrant, Section 91-105
  7. Security for Keeping Peace: Section 106- 124
  8. Maintenance: Section 125-128
  9. Public Tranquillity and Preventive Action: Section 129-153
  10. Information to Police to Powers to Investigate: Section 154-176
  11. Jurisdiction of Criminal Court and Contingence Taken by Them: Section 177-203
  12. Proceeding Before Magistrate: Section 203-210
  13. Charge: Section 211-224
  14. Trial, Before Court of Session, Of Warrant Case, Of Summing Case, Summary Trial and Plea Bargaining: Section 225- 265l
  15. Evidence in Inquiries and Trial: Section 272-299
  16. General Provisions as To Inquiries and Trials: Section 300-327
  17. Offence Affecting the Administration of Justice: Section 340-352
  18. The Judgment and Death Sentence: Section 353-371
  19. Appeals: Section 372-394
  20. Reference, Revision and Transfer of Cases: Section 395-412
  21. Execution of Sentences and Provisions of Bail: Section 413-450
  22. Disposal of Property and Irregular Proceeding: Section 451-466
  23. Limitation and Miscellaneous: Section 467- 484
  24. Important Amendment in Criminal Procedure Code
  25. Landmark Case Laws with Explanation
  1. Introduction to Indian Penal Code: Section 1-5
  2. General Explanation, Special Reference to Section 34 With Case Laws: Section 6-52a
  3. Punishment: Section 53- 75
  4. General Exception: Section 76-95
  5. General Exception: Section 96-106
  6. Abetment- Section 107- 120
  7. Criminal Conspiracy and Offences Against State and Offence Related to Army Navy and Airforce: Section 120a- 140
  8. Offence Against Public Tranquillity, Difference Between 34 And 149: Section 141- 160
  9. Offence Related to Public Servants and Contempt of Lawful Authority: Section 166- 190
  10. False Evidence: Section 191-229a
  11. Offence Relating to Coin, Stamp, Public Nuisance and Religion: Section 230-298
  12. Culpable Homicide and Murder: Section 299 And 300
  13. Offence Affecting Life and Causing of Miscarriage: Section 299- 311
  14. Offence of Hurt: Section 319-338
  15. Wrongful Restraint, Criminal Force and Assault: Section 339- 358
  16. Kidnapping and Slavery: Section 359-374
  17. Sexual Offences: Section 375-377
  18. Theft and Extortion: Section 378-389
  19. Robbery and Dacoity- Section 390- 402
  20. Criminal Misappropriation of Property, Breach of Trust and Stolen Property: Section 403- 414
  21. Cheating and Mischief: Section 415-440
  22. Criminal Trespass and Forgery: Section 441-447a
  23. Offence Relating to Marriage and Defamation: Section 493- 503
  24. Criminal Intimidation and Attempt: Section 503- 511
  25. Important Amendments and Case Laws
  1. Introduction to Code of Civil Procedure and Definitions: Section 1- 8
  2. Suits in General with Res Judicata: Section 9-14
  3. Place of Suing, Institution and Summons: Section 15-32
  4. Judgment, Decree, Interest, Cost and Execution: Section 33-54
  5. Arrest, Detention and Attachment: Section 55- 67
  6. Incidental Proceeding: Section 75- 78
  7. Suits in Particular Cases: Section 79-88
  8. Special Proceeding: Section 89-95
  9. Appeals: Section 112
  10. Reference, Review and Revision: Section 113-115
  11. Special Provisions and Miscellaneous
  12. Important Order and Rules
  1. Introduction to The Transfer of Property Act and Interpretation: Section 1-4
  2. Transfer of Property: Section 5- 16
  3. Transfer of Property, Election and Apportionment: Section 17- 37
  4. Transfer of Immovable Property: Section 38- 53a
  5. Sale of Immovable Property and Discharge: Section 54-57
  6. Mortgage: Section 58-66
  7. Mortgage: Section 67- 77
  8. Priority, Marshalling, Contribution and Deposit in Court: Section 78-84
  9. Redemption, Anomalous Mortgage, Charge and Notice: 91- 104
  10. Lease: Section 105- 117
  11. Exchange and Gifts: Section 118- 129
  12. Actionable Claims: Section 130- 137
  13. Important Case Laws and Amendments
  1. Introduction to The Contract Act and Definition: Section 1-2
  2. Communication Acceptance and Revocation: Section 3-9
  3. Voidable Contracts: Section 10- 23
  4. Void Agreements and Contingent Contracts: Section 24-36
  5. Performance of Contracts: Section 37-45
  6. Performance of Contracts: Section 46- 58
  7. Appropriation of Payment and Contracts Which Need Not Be Performed: Section 59- 67
  8. Quasi Contract: Section 68-72
  9. Breach of Contract: 73- 75
  10. Indemnity and Guarantee: Section 124- 147
  11. Bailment and Pledge: Section 148-181
  12. Agency: Section 182- 238
  13. Important Case Laws
  1. Introduction to The Indian Evidence Act and Presumption: Section1-4
  2. Relevancy of Facts: Section 5-16
  3. Admission and Confession: Section 17- 31
  4. Statements Made in Special Circumstances: Section 32- 39
  5. Judgments of Courts and Opinion of Third Persons: Section 40- 51
  6. Character and Facts Which Need Not Be Proved: Section 52- 58
  7. Oral Evidence and Documentary Evidence: Section 59-73a
  8. Public Document and Presumptions as To Documents: Section 74- 90a
  9. Exclusion of Oral by Documentary Evidence: Section 91-100
  10. Burden of Proof and Stopple: Section 101-117
  11. Of Witness: 118- 134
  12. Examination of Witness: Section 135- 150
  13. Examination of Witness: Section 151- 167
  1. Introduction to The Specific Relief Act and Definitions: Section 1-4
  2. Recovering Possession of Property: Section 5-8
  3. Specific Performance of Contract: Section 9-19
  4. Substituted Performance of Contract: Section 20- 25
  5. Rectification, Rescission and Cancelation: Section 26-33
  6. Declaratory Decree and Preventive Relief: Section 34-44
  7. Important Amendments and Case Laws
  1. Introduction of Negotiable Instruments Act
  2. ?Holder? and ?Holder in Due Course?
  3. Transfer of Negotiable Instruments
  4. Liability of Parties and Discharge from Liability
  5. Meaning, Object and consequences of crossing;
  6. Different Kinds of crossing ? general, special, not-negotiable & account payee crossing
  7. Criminal liability of drawer for issuing cheques without fund; prosecution of drawer; fine and composition; compounding of offence;
  8. Cognizance of offences and Jurisdiction; summary trial and sentence
  9. Banking System in India and Control by Reserve Bank? of India
  10. Regulations and restrictions; Powers and control exercised by the Reserve Bank of India
  11. Nature and Scope of Insurance; Classification; General Principles ? Proximate Cause
  12. Doctrine of Utmost Good Faith
  13. Rules of Construction of Insurance Policy
  14. Important Amendments and Case Laws
  1. Introduction to The Act of Limitation and Definitions: Section 1-2
  2. Limitation of Suits Appeals and Applications: Section 3-11
  3. Computation of Period of Limitation: Section 12- 17
  4. Computation of Period of Limitation: Section 18-24
  5. Acquisition of Ownership by Possession and Miscellaneous: Section 25-32
  6. Important Points and Case Law

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